Thursday, May 13, 2010

We've got some explaining to do.....

Since December, our life has been a whirlwind to say the least! Because of how busy we've been, blogging has definitely been neglected (although it's fun, it's not a priority!!) Our camera also broke, so for the past 5 months, we've been taking pictures with our cell phones. These pictures aren't 10 Mega pixels....but they'll have to do!

Jenna graduated in December. Congratulations!

Just after Graduation, we spent our last night in Utah at SLCC watching Kama play basketball. It was a blast spending some time with family before we hit the road.

Within 24 hours of Jenna's Graduation, we packed up and moved from the friendly confines of Ogden, Utah to Coeur d' Alene. These pictures are obviously out-dated, but Coeur d' Alene is such a beautiful place, especially now that the sun is out. Pine tree's, crystal clear lakes, and lots and lots of fresh air! If anyone needs a vacation, call us. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Here are some randoms from around Christmas

Jenna's Grandpa was a Golf-Pro and started Henry-Griffitts Golf Clubs

During the Winter months, the Eagles come's amazing to watch!

What is winter without a little Skiing???

Jenna's Sister Lorin has some of the cutest boys and it has been so much fun hanging out with them. This is Jenna and Cale.

Our backyard is Avondale Golf Course, and if you look close you can see a deer on the fairway

We had a blast in Seattle with Rocky and Christina...

Well, thats about the past 5 months in a least the only pictures we have to vouch for the past 5 months. We're alive, well, and very busy! Enjoy


Brynne said...

Fun catch up! Did you guys buy a house? If so, awesome! You guys are the cutest. Hope the new jobs are going great!

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

You guys are so cute! We miss you! Glad to see you guys are doing well and having fun!

Bryan and Heidi said...

It's about time you guys post some pictures. I am a little jealous about the skiing...Bryan, however, is not!

Melissa said...

Yipee!! Finally! I've been waiting to hear what's been going on in your lives. I tried to text Jenna a few times, but got no response. Apparently she changed numbers and I don't have the new one. Glad to see you're doing well, miss you guys!

Lesley Harvey said...

Thanks for the update! It is fun to see what you guys are up to now! We are jealous. Cameron wanted to know what a nug shell was? For some reason we thought it was funny last night and were laughing really hard.;)

Brad said...

That's Brad's illiteracy talking!!!